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Visit This Creepy Ghost Town In Michigan At Your Own Risk

The now abandoned town of Fayette was once a busy industrial center point, where iron smelting ruled. Now known as Fayette Historic State Park, visitors can see a true-life representation of life in Upper Peninsula Michigan in the 19th century. To give you a sense of what Fayette is like now, we followed this photo essay by Flickr user Andrew, who maintains the All Things Michigan page. Admittedly, we’re impressed.

So what do you think? Doesn’t it just give you chills to think this was once a bustling city? Don’t you just want to visit for yourself? Share with us some memories of other Michigan ghost towns or your trip to old Fayette in the comments below.

Serena Maria Daniels
Serena Maria Daniels is an award-winning freelance journalist in Detroit, by way of Chicago, by way of the West Coast. She writes about Michigan for OIYS. Serena enjoys learning about language and culture and taking road trips with her beagle Ralph.