This Strange Phenomenon In A Massachusetts Town Is Too Weird For Words

There’s something weird going on in Greenfield. Picture this: you’re driving along Shelburne Road in Greenfield on a rainy night and decide to pull over at the bottom of a hill so you can send a quick text (you DO pull over, right?). You think you put your car in park, but mistakenly set it to neutral. And then things start to get real spooky. Your car starts moving on its own. UP THE HILL.Is your car a Transformer? Has your constant phone use finally fried your brain? Are some friendly ghosts giving you a tow? Nope. It’s just a gravity hill.

It’s easy to find just the right spot on this road to try out the phenomenon for yourself. It begins just beyond the Route 2 overpass and extends eastward for about 0.1 miles.

Check out these videos for a glimpse of the weirdness in action:

In the first video you get a clear view of the hill as it looks out of a car windshield. I’m no fancy hill expert, but that there looks like uphill to me… Which is why it’s so spooky when the car starts rolling to the top.

The second video is shot at night, so the view isn’t as clear, but this one shows the speed you can achieve on this hill while rolling along in neutral. People have reported reaching up to 12mph.

Optical illusions. They’re pretty cool when you’re a kid with a Magic Eye book, but can be a little unsettling when you’re behind the wheel of a car. Do you think something other than simple physics is going on here?