What’s Been Hiding Underneath This Massachusetts Beach For The Past 40 Years Will Amaze You

A vintage Jeep has been buried under the sands of Ballston Beach in Truro for 40 years. Last Friday, the car saw sunlight for the first time since disco died after it was pulled from a massive dune by an excavator.

In 1977, John Moore parked his white Jeep in the garage next to his Truro home after a leisurely ride along the beach. When he began having trouble with the fuel lines, Moore stopped driving the Jeep. Slowly, the sand from the surrounding dune began to creep into the garage. An entire dune eventually collapsed onto the garage, smothering the Jeep and placing it in a tomb of sand for decades.

So why has the ancient Jeep emerged from its sandy slumber? The Conservation Commission recently decided to allow the dune (the one that swallowed the garage) to continue its march across the beach. Workers were hired to extract the Jeep from its bizarre hiding place, and dragged it out into the light with heavy machinery.

The car itself hasn’t fared well under all that crushing sand. It was a mangled mess when it emerged, but that didn’t stop Moore from salvaging the hubcaps as souvenirs from the strange case of the buried Jeep.

So what’s next for the long-forgotten Jeep? It’s off to a landfill, where it can hopefully rest in peace. For an amazing first-hand look at the dramatic reappearance of this car from the dunes of Truro, check out the video below from the Cape Cod Times.