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This Creepy Ghost Town In Maryland Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

In a wooded area of the town of Ilchester, you can find the creepy ruins of St. Mary’s College.

Opened in 1862, it was once a lively seminary for young men training to be priests. Over one hundred years later the number of students began to dwindle, until the seminary was finally shut  down in 1972. Ten years later, the site was purchased with the intent of being converted into apartments. The proposal failed, leaving the building abandoned. In 1988, another purchaser bought the property but constantly had to fend off vandals and curious teenagers as the site had already been given the nickname “Hell House.” On Halloween night in 1997, the building was burned by arsonists. The site was finally demolished in 2006.

Evidence of St. Mary’s College can still be found in the ruins left behind. Several disturbing tales have circulated about haunted happenings at this location.

We’ll let you decide whether or not you believe the stories…

Have you visited this spot or heard similar eerie stories? Do you believe it’s haunted, or is it all a bunch of malarkey? Share your thoughts in the comments…

Jamie Alvarenga
Jamie Alvarenga is a freelance writer and editor living in Maryland. She's a habitual coffee drinker and photo blinker.