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10 Struggles Everyone In Maine Can Relate To

People from away think we have it easy. Snowy winters with epic skiing and summers full of sunshine and kayaking are just a few of the things they equate with Maine. But, we know that it’s not all love and lobsters up here! We are faced with struggles that people in other states just won’t understand. If you’ve lived here, or even vacationed here for a while, you’ll definitely identify with some of the hardships we face. Here are some of the most challenging struggles everyone in Maine can relate to!

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Michelle has lived in many places, but counts Maine as one of the best. In addition to the smell of ocean water in the air on rainy days in Portland, she loves puppies, photography, funny people, the Maine Red Claws, traveling, fresh tomatoes, Cambodia and filling out forms. For questions, comments and inquiries please email: