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The 10 Most Unhealthy Parishes In Louisiana

Like many measurements such as safety or quality of life, it can be difficult to determine how to measure health. To create this article, we looked at, which takes into account over 15 measures to determine what are the most and least healthy parishes in Louisiana. The categories included health outcomes, health factors, clinical care, social & economic factors, and physical environment. Here are their rankings.

Many people know that Louisiana is an unhealthy state, but these figures really bring the issue to light. What is your experience living in these places? Is there access to good medical care or is it hard to find? Let us know in the comments below!

Kezia Kamenetz
Kezia Kamenetz is a native to southern Louisiana and lives in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans currently. When not writing about all the amazing things to be found in her state, her central passion is dreams and the wisdom they can offer, which you can learn more about by visiting