This Sinking Ghost Town In Louisiana Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

With the recent data being released about how quickly New Orleans is sinking, along with the actual sinkholes that have been opening up throughout that city, it’s useful to zoom out a bit and see how nearby towns are faring as the marshes continue to sink into the sea. In 2012, after Hurricane Isaac, this community took a huge amount of flood water—even though the new hurricane protection system worked to a tea. Why? Because their town is situated past the new floodwall. See the video below:

The man from the video at Mary Plantation did succeed in reopening the plantation home for events, and Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne attended the ribbon cutting at this historic mansion.

Do you worry about floodwaters threatening your town in the coming years? What are you doing to prepare yourself and your family? Do you live on the wrong side of the wall? Let us know what your experiences are. We love to hear your feedback.