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The 12 Best Places To Get Shrimp And Grits In Louisiana

While shrimp and grits have now swept across the nation to become one of the most popular dishes anywhere, the original roots of the dish can be found in kitchens in the south, and Louisiana is no exception. The love of grits has spread all around the state, and there’s nothing like the marriage of those grits with some delicious gulf shrimp. Here are the best examples in the state.

Are you desperate for some shrimp and grits right now? I know I am. It just doesn’t get more delicious than that. And if you haven’t tried a fried grit cake yet—find one! They are the best. For more of the best in Louisiana, check out our list of the best po-boys in Louisiana.

Kezia Kamenetz
Kezia Kamenetz is a native to southern Louisiana and lives in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans currently. When not writing about all the amazing things to be found in her state, her central passion is dreams and the wisdom they can offer, which you can learn more about by visiting