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These 10 Abandoned Places in New Orleans Are Absolutely Haunting

New Orleans has always been a place known for its gorgeous decay, attractive to those who crave the more complex, almost gritty side of life. But following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the number of abandoned buildings and difficulties associated with that blight have taken on a whole new life in the city. Here are some of the most amazing abandoned places in New Orleans. The pictures are absolutely haunting.

What do you think about these abandoned places in New Orleans? There has certainly been a lot of changes from Katrina until now, but there are still a large number of abandoned buildings and homes throughout just about every neighborhood in the city. Are there any abandoned buildings in New Orleans that particularly catch your eye? Let us know what stands out to you! We love to hear your feedback.

Kezia Kamenetz
Kezia Kamenetz is a native to southern Louisiana and lives in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans currently. When not writing about all the amazing things to be found in her state, her central passion is dreams and the wisdom they can offer, which you can learn more about by visiting