Here Are The 10 Unhealthiest Counties In Kentucky

Recently, the healthiest people according to counties in Kentucky were featured, via health department studies in each individual county. Boone County fell in at number 1, which some of you were surprised by. Several readers asked about the unhealthiest counties, so another bit of study was required. Research from 2015, compiled of data based on the population like accidental deaths, pollution, smoking, and alcoholism, comprise this list of the absolute unhealthiest counties in the Bluegrass State.

Here are the 10 unhealthiest counties in Kentucky:

We all want to live somewhere healthy, but for some, the choices are limited. It can take a lot of money to move, and there is no city or county without problems. Overall, Kentucky is filled with beautiful land, and relatively healthy, happy people. There are exceptions to every rule, and lacking access to clean air, water, and a sanitary living environment can quickly deteriorate someone’s health. Some of these counties have truly beautiful land, but other interactions cause higher health risks, and lower life spans. If you feel your area could work on “cleaning” up the environment, or just have an opinion, please comment.