Here Are 14 Signs You Have Spent Way Too Much Time In Kentucky

We live in a beautiful state and that can make us leery of leaving it, even on a vacation. Some people get so accustomed to spending time in Kentucky; they lose the desire to go anywhere else. Mind you, it is easy to get comfortable in our nature’s majestic embrace, but it doesn’t hurt to get out and see other places too. The Bluegrass is not going to get her feelings hurt if we visit elsewhere once in a while. Plus, regardless how much love we have for the Kentucky, some things can get a bit tedious.

Here are 14 signs you’ve spent too much time in Kentucky:

There comes a time in Kentucky, when we should consider a vacation. Take a few days and see how the other side lives. Afterwards, any frayed nerves will likely be comforted by the sweet annoyances of home again. What triggers the urge to take a vacation for you?