11 Things People From Kentucky Will Never Ever Admit (Out Loud)

Kentuckians have a few things we think, but don’t want to actually to admit–just like everyone else. We might consider admitting them within our closest circle of friends. We might feel a thought is too disturbing to freely admit among our closest comrades. If, by chance, the weight of this secret is too great, we might share it with a stranger during casual conversation, in hopes we will never see them again.

Now, you may not be one that has thoughts like these, but there is a pretty high chance you know someone who does. Here are 11 things Kentuckians would rather not to admit out loud:

This is by no means meant derogatorily against our beautiful state or people. These are just a few things I’ve actually heard Kentuckians mutter over the years. I am sure there are plenty of secret thoughts that folks would prefer not to discuss. I’d love to get some reader input on this. I am sure you all have heard someone say something, then follow it up with a “Did I say that out loud?” look.