The 10 Most Terrifying, Spooky Places To Visit In Kentucky This Halloween

There are Kentuckians that love a good scare, be it in a zombie shoot out, a haunted facility, or a nightmarish fairytale forest. Thrill seekers are seldom disappointed thanks to the abundance of frightening attractions available across the state. There are historically accurate haunts that will give you chills, and manmade attractions to give you thrills. Just pay close attention to the age limitations, as some are very intense and not appropriate for young children.

Here are 10 spooky attractions that will encourage a scream in Kentucky:

For a look at most of Kentucky’s haunted attractions, check out Kentucky Haunted Houses, as not everyone likes the same type of scare. Thankfully the Bluegrass State offers a variety of fright night thrills, with quite a few being more adult oriented activities. There are haunts for kids and teens as well, so finding frights is not limited to adults. Have you checked out any of the haunts above? If so, or if not, what haunted attractions would you recommend for other fear seekers?