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These 9 Old Restaurants In Kentucky Have Stood The Test Of Time

Restaurants come and go, especially ones that focus on more trendy fare. It seems that less than 90% of new restaurants succeed and continue to be a favored dining spot for more than a few years, much less decades. There are a few old restaurants in Kentucky that have withstood the test of time, and their renowned reputation is well earned. They not only have delicious food—but also a bit of history as an added bonus.

Here are 9 old restaurants in Kentucky that have withstood the test of time:

1. Greyhound Tavern at 2500 Dixie Hwy in Fort Mitchell

This was built in 1921 as the original Dixie Tea Room, and the two original rooms still exist today. The Tavern Room and the Hunt Room are still used and maintained in their traditional style. The cuisine is varied and includes steaks, chops, seafood and other chef specials.

A little nostalgia can go a long way, and these old restaurants in Kentucky hold a deep nostalgia for locals. Do you have a favored restaurant that serves nostalgia with its cuisine?

Jenn Shockley
I am somewhat a cliche'. I grew up running around barefoot on a farm in Kentucky. I love writing, art, sunshine, all animals and my incredibly patient husband, who tolerates my "crazy animal lady" side.