Here Are The 10 Most Misunderstood Towns In Kentucky And Why

We have a beautiful state when you look at the overall environment, but there are a few towns that get a bad rap. In most cases, these misunderstood town in Kentucky are just that… misunderstood. In most cases, this judgement is based on misinformation, and individual incident, or other people’s opinions.

Here are 10 terribly misunderstood towns in Kentucky and why:

1. Newport

This charming river town of today was once home to the mob and illegal activities. Underground activities like producing and selling alcohol and gambling were common. The Speak Easy was the happening place to be if you wanted to drink, gamble, and be entertained by ladies of the evening.

2. and 3. Jones Fork Mountain and Grahn

Grahn is where Charles Manson lived as a child and some people in the community still remember him. He also hung out at a speak easy at Jones Fork Mountain. These communities are both quiet little spots surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty… but the people will never forget Charles Manson.

4. Lexington

This is a beautiful and exciting city in Kentucky. Why does it have a bad rap? This town’s troubled reputation is primarily due to the antics of some Kentucky fans. There have been couch burnings, loud parties, and other wild happenings during basketball season, but overall, Lexington is a nice place to call home. Reality is, this is a college town, filled with exciting things to do, and kids that like to do them.

5. Louisville

This is Kentucky’s biggest city, and with it comes a lot of everything. It is home to the Kentucky Derby and a beautiful waterfront park. Louisville has also been the focus of repeated scandals from the Bloody Monday of 1855 to the destruction of Fontaine Park during racial riots in 1969, and today’s University of Louisville’s questionable etiquette.

6. Pikeville

Pikeville is home to a lot of coal mining families and those with coal mining industry. Environmentalist studies have shown some of the runoff from coal mining and production to be a major cause in environmental issues, from soil contamination to water poisoning. Pikeville doesn’t produce quite as much coal as it once did. Much of the environmental damage is said to have stopped. Hopefully, the environment can reset itself, as the community and surrounding woodlands are beautiful.

7. Morehead

This pleasant college town is a quiet place to live with a lot of history. It is also 10 miles away from a place called Maxey Flats. This is a 252-acre area that was designated as a low-level radiation dumping ground for approximately 832 corporations from 1963 to 1977. Maxey contains 52 unlined trenches in which radioactive waste was dumped. (Unlined, meaning, the radiation has nothing from preventing it seeping out of those trenches.) Community members have been assured that their water is “safe”.

8. Hopkinsville

This sweet little town is a great place to live surrounded by some beautiful rolling hills and lush forests. Humans are not the only ones who seem to think so. There have been several incidents over the years involving the sightings of little green men. There was one serious event in which shots were fired and several families were terrorized by little goblin like men.

These beautiful places are all misunderstood towns in Kentucky. Once you visit, you realize how charming they actually are. Here are some other great communities in our state that make for a nice visit.