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The Legend Behind This Railroad Bridge In Kentucky Is Truly Creepy

If you’re from Louisville or the surrounding areas, chances are you’ve heard of the Pope Lick Monster. There are a couple of variations to the story, but the general tale is that a half-man, half-goat creature lures people to their deaths on top of the Pope Lick train trestle in eastern Jefferson County. People have actually died on the train trestle, so it’s important to remember that you should not, under any circumstance, climb to the top of the trestle. It’s a common misconception that trains no longer run on the railroad, but they do. Your best-case scenario is that a police officer finds you up there before an oncoming train does.

Remember, climbing the bridge to potentially see a crazed, murderous goat-man is not worth the very real danger. Has anyone ever heard other versions of this legend?

Rachel Shulhafer
I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. I have lived elsewhere twice, but keep coming back. I'm a video editor and freelance writer who enjoys watching people wearing University of Louisville uniforms excel at sports, scaling the faces of large rocks, and hanging out with my border collie/laborador/cattle dog mutt thingy that I have.