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12 Things Kentuckians Do That Seem Insane To Everyone Else

If you’re a Kentuckian, chances are the items on this list won’t seem strange to you at all. However, folks from other states just don’t get it, and these typical Kentucky customs might even seem insane or peculiar to them. However, as Kentuckians, we are more than proud to continue on with our own unique culture and way of life.

How many of these “insane” things do you relate to as a Kentuckian?

Rachel Shulhafer
I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. I have lived elsewhere twice, but keep coming back. I'm a video editor and freelance writer who enjoys watching people wearing University of Louisville uniforms excel at sports, scaling the faces of large rocks, and hanging out with my border collie/laborador/cattle dog mutt thingy that I have.