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These 9 Restaurants In Kentucky Serve The Best, Most Authentic German Food

Kentucky has a lot of German ancestry, especially along the Ohio River. In fact, by the 1850s, Louisville’s population was 35 percent German. Cincinnati’s early settlers were also heavily German, meaning the towns across the river in northern Kentucky, such as Newport and Covington, also have German roots. This means that there are some pretty delicious and authentic German restaurants still in Kentucky today. Here are 9 of them.

Germany certainly is far away from Kentucky, but thanks to these 9 places, you can get a little taste of it without leaving the Bluegrass State. Has anyone visited one of these restaurants before?

Rachel Shulhafer
I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. I have lived elsewhere twice, but keep coming back. I'm a video editor and freelance writer who enjoys watching people wearing University of Louisville uniforms excel at sports, scaling the faces of large rocks, and hanging out with my border collie/laborador/cattle dog mutt thingy that I have.