9 Restaurants In Kentucky Where Your Meal Is Free If You Can Eat It All

Kentucky has some phenomenal restaurants, and some even offer free food. Of course, there are a few catches, depending on the eatery. Most have a specific challenge that diners must complete on their own, or with one other person. The food itself will be abundant, and in most cases there’s a time limit. Once you complete the meal, it will be free, and occasionally you’ll win cash, a t-shirt, or earn your name on the establishment’s wall.

Here are 9 restaurants where if you can eat it all, your meal is free:

Each one of these unique restaurants in Kentucky offers excellent food, so it’s easy to “want” to complete the challenge. Unfortunately, some food challenges are not easy, no matter how great the food is. In some cases, the challenger finds their eyes were a bit bigger than their belly. But every so often, someone actually succeeds. Have you ever taken on an eating challenge? If so where?  Would you consider trying one of these? Tell us in the comments below!