The Quiet Fishing Town In Kentucky That Seems Frozen In Time

Grand Rivers is a quaint Kentucky town of about 382 people. Known as “the Village Between the Lakes,” the peninsula that makes up Grand Rivers is surrounded by Kentucky Lake and the Cumberland River before it drains into Lake Barkley. It’s also just north of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. The area around Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, including Grand Rivers, has a reputation of having some of the best fishing spots in the state, and Grand Rivers has a charm to it that makes you feel like time has come to a halt. Grab your fishing pole and tackle box, find a serene spot, and enjoy the slow pace of this town.

People may not automatically think of fishing when they hear about Kentucky, but there are some great places to cast a line. If fishing is your thing, check out Grand Rivers and the surrounding areas. Where are some other good fishing spots in the Bluegrass?