Take This Gorgeous Fall Foliage Road Trip To See Kentucky Like Never Before

Road trips through Kentucky are always going to be scenic, especially in the autumn when the colors are changing. It can be hard to pick a route since there is so much to see in the Bluegrass State, but try this 521 mile road trip across Kentucky. It should take roughly 12 hours and 40 minutes without stopping, but you’re definitely going to want to pull over and take in your surroundings for a few hours, or even days! Take your time with this one to soak it all in. Check out the map below, or click here to adjust it.

The great thing about Kentucky is that you could modify this route however you like, and you’re still going to see some gorgeous fall foliage while also experiencing the Bluegrass State. This road trip allows you to see the autumn season in the wide variety of landscapes Kentucky has to offer— bustling cities, horse country, mountains, forests, and lakes. What other stops in Kentucky could be added to this road trip?