This Drone Flyover Of Cumberland Falls In Kentucky Will Make You Want To Visit

Cumberland Falls State Park, located in Corbin, Kentucky, was established in 1931 and is often referred to as the “Niagara of the South.” The resort, made up of a lodge, several rental cabins, campsites, and recreational areas, attract many visitors to the area who wish to see this grand waterfall, which drops 65 feet and, depending on the season, span anywhere from 150-300 feet across.

This video, shot by Will Childers via drone, shows a great flyover of the Cumberland Falls and a peek at some of the other beautiful sights to see at Cumberland Falls State Park.

Although Cumberland Falls is the favorite feature in this park, the star of the show here is the Moonbow. Moonbows – like rainbows – reflect bright colors from the spray of the falls, but they can only be seen on moonlit nights. Due the the dimmer light source and precise conditions needed for them to appear, bright, beautiful moonbows are far less common, so consider yourself lucky if you see one!

Other popular activities at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park include hiking the 17 miles of trails within the park, fishing and rafting on the Cumberland River, bird and wildlife watching, and horseback riding. There is also a museum on site, displaying Native American artifacts found in the area, and a new attraction that invites you to try your hand at fossil and gem mining. While you can purchase gemstones at the Cumberland Falls Mining Company, we think it is much more fun to pan them for yourself! There are several types of precious and semi-precious stones hiding in the gemstone flume, and this makes for a fun afternoon activity with the kids!

This beautiful video was shot by Will Childers – check out his Facebook page!