These 10 Places in Kentucky Are Paradise For Creative People

Kentucky is filled with beautiful places, but it’s also full of beautifully creative individuals. We have a barrage of unique, artistic residents who create handmade artesian goods all across the state. We’re renowned for folk art of all types, including our own special home-style music, Bluegrass. Artists here come in all shapes and sizes, just like their amazing creations and here are 10 places that welcome them with open arms:

Kentuckians have been creating since our arrival in the lush woodland and water covered state. Many of our artists still use some of the materials given to them by Mother Nature, others use man-made materials. One thing is for sure, the craftsmanship and creativity of Kentucky artists cannot be denied. Perhaps that is why so many places embrace artesian works with a whole heart. What are your favorite places to visit and see local arts of any type?