Not Many People Realize That These 10 Things Are Actually Illegal In Kentucky

Almost a year ago, we re-discovered how insane some of our state laws are. Many of these legal statutes were so out of touch, we shared the list with you for a chuckle. We recently learned via and a few other sites that those laws, and other downright odd legalities are still in effect. We have to wonder why anyone would ponder these acts in the first place… but apparently someone did, or else the law wouldn’t exist. These 10 laws are still illegal oddities in Kentucky law books:

You have to wonder why, out of all the current standing laws covering illegal oddities in Kentucky law books, the one about throwing eggs got repealed. Some of these strange laws make sense, like “lighting up your horse” at night, others, not so much. They are good for a giggle. Do you know of any strange laws still in effect that I missed? Do tell!