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These 10 Abandoned Places in Kentucky Will Leave You Disturbed And In Awe

Unfortunately, not every house or business can be successful and are often left abandoned. Nature takes its course, making for interesting landscapes and structures that still surprisingly remain in place today. Here’s a collection of some of Kentucky’s top abandoned places that will leave you a little bit spooked, but suite your itch to explore the unknown.

Old age, weather and decay may have the best of these places and they may seem like more of an eyesore than something to boost about. But, us explorers like to encounter all sorts of unique places with lots of stories and history. Where will you be hitting up first?

Kelly Berger
Kelly is the Kentucky state writer for OIYS, a freelance writer & PR mastermind. Obsessed with concerts and music, you can always catch her at the latest gig supporting the scene getting excited about the next big thing.