This Abandoned Cemetery In Kentucky Has A Chilling Past That Will Haunt You

If you walk down Baxter Avenue in the bustling Highlands neighborhood in Louisville, you’ll pass the famed Cave Hill Cemetery, where the likes of Muhammad Ali, Colonel Harland Sanders, and various military heroes are buried. Right next to Cave Hill is another, smaller cemetery that many people mistake as being part of Cave Hill due to its proximity. In fact, this is Eastern Cemetery, and it has been abandoned since the 1980s.

A walk around Eastern Cemetery is like walking through a history of Louisville. You’ll see graves of people from all walks of life who were laid to rest up to 150 years ago, if you are able to read their headstones, that is. It’s obvious to see the conditions at Eastern are not good, but with the help of volunteers, it’s slowly improving.

The Friends of Eastern Cemetery often post volunteer opportunities on their Facebook page.