A Town In Kentucky Could Be Wiped Out Because Of This Dangerous Tradition

The small town of Pineville was established in 1781 under the name Cumberland Ford. The name was due to the community’s location along the Cumberland River by the renowned Wilderness Road. The land was on Governor Isaac Shelby’s property, but became part of Bell County in 1867. The name changed to Pineville, which became the county seat around 1869. It was incorporated under that name in 1873, but the community had an unknown danger hovering over the people and town in its entirety. The problem of the giant chained rock in Kentucky went as national as news could go back in the 1800s.

6. What made a huge rock so dangerous?

For starters, it was a HUGE boulder hanging off the mountain, hovering directly over the town. Nothing holding it but the dirt and tree roots Mother Nature surrounded it with as it formed.

The history of the chained rock in Kentucky is a little surprising, considering it started out as a tall tale. The lore about the parents wanting to make their stories true is a sweet little small town story, which could be based on truth. The events that followed have brought some tourism to the county, as security based on a big chained up rock is pretty interesting. Here are some more interesting tales about historical gems in Kentucky.