Here Are 9 Sinkholes In Kentucky That Will Leave You Terrified Of Earth

Sinkholes are the bane of anyone’s existence that happens to experience one. We don’t hear a lot about these natural disasters in Kentucky, but in July 2014, WLKY did a report. It may come as a surprise, but our great Bluegrass State ranks number 7 in the nation for sinkhole issues. This is because we are considered a Karst state, meaning our land is rocky and littered with sinkholes, sink streams, caves, and natural springs.

Here are 9 infamous sinkhole incidents in Kentucky:

Sinkholes may be common in Kentucky, but they are not usually very large. In most cases they are just small areas that the earth decides to take back, like several above. We do occasionally get the large holes that absorb more than land, but not often. If you have seen any disturbing sinkholes in Kentucky, please feel free to share in the comments below.