12 Ways People In Kentucky Can Relax And Take It Easy

We all need to take time in life to relax and take it easy, even in Kentucky. Other states may see us as laid back and relaxed all the time, but this just isn’t so. Our big cities get to hustle and bustle too, just not on the same insane level as places like New York. Small towners work even harder, especially farmers and people who live off the land. We often times have to pencil in some us time.

Here are 12 ways Kentuckians can relax and take it easy:

Some of these ways to relax likely cross over to other states. Please keep in mind, Kentuckians have our own special way of doing things. A quilt made in Maine will likely be nothing like one made in Kentucky. Just as fishing in a Michigan lake is a far different experience than being at one here. What is your favorite way to relax?