There’s A Little Known Unique Ranch In Kansas… And It’s Truly Remarkable

If you have watched any sort of investigative journalism piece or the CBS Morning News in the last 50 years, there is a good chance that you are familiar with anchor Bill Kurtis, who is not only a well-respected journalist, but a Kansas boy as well. What you may not know about Kurtis, however, is that he owns half of a stunning 8,000 acre ranch in Sedan that is not only home to grass-fed cows, but a number of other magical surprises as well. Here are some of these hidden gems that you can expect to find when you visit the Red Buffalo Ranch:

In addition to hiking and sight seeing opportunities, Red Buffalo Ranch also offers charming lodging accommodations and on-site hunting. For more information about the ranch, please visit their website.

Have you visited the Red Buffalo Ranch? If so, which was your favorite part?