The Abandoned Town In Kansas That Most People Stay Far, Far Away From

Through the years, Kansas has been home to numerous towns that were at one time prosperous and promising, but eventually collapsed due to a number of varying factors. One of these (near) ghost towns is that of Dunlap; a town of 30 located in Morris County. While the town itself is not haunted per se, this photo essay by photographer Patrick Emerson is hauntingly beautiful.

Founded in 1869 by Joseph Dunlap (an Indian agent for the Kanza tribe), Dunlap was a prime relocation spot for hundreds of recently freed slaves. During its prime, Dunlap was home to hundreds of residents and dozens of businesses, including a blacksmith shop, hardware store, grocery store, ice cream parlor, flour mill, butter and cheese factory, restaurant, bank, hotel, and churches. During the Great Depression, the town began to decline and the once healthy economy was no more. The town is now home to only 80 residents and several abandoned buildings.

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