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12 Unusual Things You Didn’t Know About The History Of Iowa

There are so many things that they don’t teach you in history class. Like the fact that Iowa used to be home to giant sloths! You would think that should have come up sometime, right?! Apparently it wasn’t important enough for the books… But giant sloths aside, there are so many more interesting pieces of Iowa history most of us don’t know about. So, if you’re in the mood for a little history lesson, listen up, because here are 12 unusual things about Iowa history that you won’t learn in school…

Are you feeling smarter yet? You should. Now you can brag to all your friends about the unknown history of our great state! Are there any more interesting tidbits of Iowa history we missed? Share them with us!

Michaela Kendall
Michaela is a born and raised Iowan. She writes for a newspaper by day, and writes content for websites by night. In her spare time, she enjoys reading a good book, or just binge watching Netflix.