There’s Something Incredibly Unique About This Road In Small Town Iowa

No small town is complete without a fascinating roadside attraction. And anyone who happens to drive through the Iowa town of Brayton will get just that.

You might even think you’re seeing things upon realizing there’s a massive, 100-foot tall tree growing right through the center of this back road. And yet this was all part of the plan when the tree was planted over 150 years ago. Here’s more on how the Tree In The Road came to be.

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Directions to the site: Take U.S. Highway 7 from Brayton traveling east on Country Road T towards F-65. Simply follow the signs marked “Tree In The Road” along the gravel roads. Also note that this is a B-service road, meaning there is minimum service and could potentially have ruts and potholes.

Have you ever visited this tiny town in Iowa or happened upon this bizarre site? We’d love to hear about your experience!