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Here Are 12 Signs You Have Spent Way Too Much Time In Iowa

If you grew up in a town with as many churches as there were houses or bars, you’re probably from Iowa. If deer season is treated as a national holiday back home, you’re probably from Iowa. If you drink “pop,” go “into town,” or fish in a “crick,” you’re probably from Iowa. Still not sure? Here are 12 more signs you’re from Iowa, or have spent way too much time here:

Of course, none of these are bad things. In fact, we’re proud to be guilty of every single one of these. There’s no better place to spend too much time than Iowa.

Michaela Kendall
Michaela is a born and raised Iowan. She writes for a newspaper by day, and writes content for websites by night. In her spare time, she enjoys reading a good book, or just binge watching Netflix.