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Most People Don’t Know These 9 Treasures Are Hiding In Iowa

Ahhhh… the treasure hunt; one of the most popular plots in literature and everyone’s favorite childhood party game. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a good quest, but most of us give up our search for buried treasure and let the memories of beat up old maps with enigmatic instructions and giant red X marks fade into a mere fantasy. The legends of pirates’ chests and gold doubloons become the stuff of story tales… but that doesn’t mean hidden treasures don’t actually exist; in fact, there are more than a few stories of long lost stashes right here in Iowa! Here are a few of our favorites:

Are you ready to bust out your shovels and get to digging? Sure, it probably isn’t a reliable source of income (unless you are an actual pirate), but it’s still fun to know that there is still buried treasure out there just waiting to be discovered!

Meg Archer
Meg is a Visual Media Editor & Writer for OnlyInYourState. She works in social media management, content production, video editing, and creative concept development. Meg enjoys playing with her food (cooking), writing furiously (at inconvenient moments), and exploring (everything and everywhere).