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Here Are 8 Beautiful Gardens You Will Only Find In Iowa

Going for a slow stroll through the garden,¬†surrounded by beautiful flowers, with the faint floral fragrance drifting through the air is just about as close as it comes to paradise on Earth. But, for those black-thumbed gardeners like me, it can be frustrating when your own garden doesn’t really…grow. No worries there; luckily for us there are plenty of beautiful public gardens in Iowa that we can tour whenever we want.¬†Better yet, you don’t have to weed them to enjoy them!

Public gardens are awesome – You get all the enjoyment of a garden without the work!

Michaela Kendall
Michaela is a born and raised Iowan. She writes for a newspaper by day, and writes content for websites by night. In her spare time, she enjoys reading a good book, or just binge watching Netflix.