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10 Small Towns In Iowa Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Living in a big city, you can miss out on the best part of small town living – the fact that everyone knows your name. In a small town, you will be greeted by name as you check out at the grocery store, or as you’re out walking your dog, or making a deposit at the bank. It’s a comforting experience, and one of the best parts of living in a small town. If you’re from one of these tiny towns in Iowa, you probably know exactly how that feels.

Note: We used the website to research small Iowa towns. Each town included on our list has less than 2,000 residents.

The best kind of small town is the one where everyone your name, and you know everyone’s name. What are some more towns like this in Iowa?

Michaela Kendall
Michaela is a born and raised Iowan. She writes for a newspaper by day, and writes content for websites by night. In her spare time, she enjoys reading a good book, or just binge watching Netflix.