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These 10 Unique Burgers In Indiana Will Make Your Mouth Water Uncontrollably

Indiana may be famous for the Hoosier tenderloin, but we also know how to cook up some pretty mean burgers (as mentioned here). Rural and urban areas in Indiana have some of the best recipes for unique burgers. Whether you’re looking for sweet and spicy, extra cheesy, or something a bit unexpected, these 10 unique burgers will surely surpass your wildest expectations.

Wow, which of these unique burgers do you want to try first? Looking for burgers that are a little less…uh…risky? Try these classic burger joints.

Courtney Johnston
Courtney's originally from the East Coast, but has found a charming new home in Indiana. She loves checking out local music, reading, and trying new food. She's also a little too addicted to coffee and has a Maine Coon cat she answers to.