These Amazing Time Lapse Videos Show Indiana Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Think you know just how beautiful Indiana is? Well, these Indiana time lapse videos are here to help. Take a look at these 6 time lapse videos to behold the wonders of this state throughout different times of day. Prepare to be amazed!

1. Cedar Lake Indiana Timelapse North Side (by Jeff Wahlberg)

2. Farewell Indiana! – TimeLapse May-August 2015 (by Allyn Hane)

3. Indiana State University time lapse (by IndianaStateU)

4. Sunrise and Sunset Timelapse from Delaware Co. Indiana (by Jacob Russell)

5. Time Lapse Rain To Snow Nashville Indiana (by Suzanne Kammerer)

6. Time Lapse – Amtrak – Northwest Indiana (by Andy Driska)

What do you think of these amazing Indiana time lapse videos? Which one is your favorite?