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12 Surprising Things You Might Not Expect When Moving To Indiana

So, you’re moving to Indiana. Or maybe you are already here and just need a reminder that this state is totally underrated, there is plenty to do, and our quirks make us cool. Either way, here are a few things that all future Hoosiers should know (and might surprise you).

So there you have it: a crash-course in Indiana! We think you are now prepared to love your new home state!

(Still aren’t sure about the Chili-Peanut Butter Sandwich combo? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. AdventureBite has a great recipe!)

Do you have any other tips for Indiana “newbies”? Help them out in the Comments section below!

Meg Archer
Meg is a Visual Media Editor & Writer for OnlyInYourState. She works in social media management, content production, video editing, and creative concept development. Meg enjoys playing with her food (cooking), writing furiously (at inconvenient moments), and exploring (everything and everywhere).