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9 Mom & Pop Restaurants In Indiana That Serve Home Cooked Meals To Die For – Part Two

Two weeks ago we brought you this awesome list of mom and pop restaurants, but the list didn’t feel quite complete. Today, we’re adding more great mom and pop restaurants to the list with round 2! If you’re still searching for some of the best mom and pop restaurants out there, check out this second list of great, locally owned dining establishments.

If you still can’t get enough of Indiana food after this article (and who could blame you!?), check out this post on some great outdoor dining restaurants that are perfect for summer.

Courtney Johnston
Courtney has lived across the east coast, but loves her Midwestern home in Indiana. She's lived here for the past 4 years and plans to live here for many more. She's a full time project manager and part time freelance writer who loves local food, great coffee, and good music.