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12 Things People From Indiana Find Themselves Having To Explain to Outsiders

There are some things you must be from Indiana in order to understand. In fact, here are 12 things Hoosiers find themselves having to explain to outsiders.

Can you think of a time where you found yourself in a situation with someone from another state who was lost and confused in what was going on? Don’t blame them. Hoosiers do things differently. Can you think of anything you do that only a Hoosier would understand?

Trisha Faulkner
Trisha Faulkner is a stay-at-home and work-at-home Hoosier momma. She is a huge advocate of Autism awareness, and loves her beautiful boy more than life itself. She is a native Indiana writer who types her best pieces for Only In Your State between 2-4AM when her toddler finally falls over asleep.