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If You Live In Indiana, You Must Visit This Amazing State Park

Indiana is blessed with a plethora of awesome outdoor attractions, including a large array of state parks to visit and explore. While all of these parks make great spots to visit, there’s one state park in particular that you absolutely have to add to your vacation bucket list. Located in gorgeous Nashville Indiana, Brown County State Park is the largest of all Indiana parks and offers a ton of fun activities for visitors.

Don’t worry; you can always come back for more! Even the drive to and from this state park is jaw dropping! To find out more about this state park, visit Brown County State Park’s official site.

Have you ever visited Brown County State Park? What was your favorite part of the trip?


Courtney Johnston
Courtney has lived across the east coast, but loves her Midwestern home in Indiana. She's lived here for the past 4 years and plans to live here for many more. She's a full time project manager and part time freelance writer who loves local food, great coffee, and good music.