These 30 Photos of Indiana In The 1970s Are Mesmerizing

We went searching for photos of Indiana in the 1970s and found some great ones to share!

Between the rapidly evolving technology that dealt a painful blow to industrial cities and the devastating 1974 “Tornado Outbreak,” the state faced some hard times…but it wasn’t all bad news; Indiana University dominated the NCAA championship in 1976 with an undefeated record and the blossoming cultural movements of the era kept Hoosier life interesting.

The Indiana railroads hit their heydey in the mid 1800s, when they were the primary mode of transportation across the state. Although their use has steadily declined since then, the rail network still played an important role in freight movement, and Amtrak passenger trains were a relatively popular means to travel long distances.

Let’s move on to some happier moments…

Birch Bayh served as an Indiana Senator from 1963 to 1981. This Terre Haute native is the only NON-founding father to write two Constitutional Amendments: the 25th Amendment, ratified in 1963, which established the process for transition of power if the President is harmed or killed, and the 26th Amendment, ratified in 1971, which lowered the national legal voting age to 18.

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