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These 10 Counties Have The Healthiest People In All Of Indiana

Understanding the overall health rankings of a population is an extremely complex task, since there are so many factors involved. For many, health is an issue they look for when moving to a new county, so we wanted to provide the 10 healthiest counties in Indiana, based on 2016 findings by County Health Rankings. This study ranked counties based on:

  • Health behaviors (smoking, drinking, active lifestyles, etc)
  • Clinical Care (close access)
  • Social and Economic Factors (crime rate, education levels, poverty levels, etc)
  • Physical Environment (water and air quality/pollution, housing quality, etc)


This study looks at not just individual factors of health and wellness, but community efforts to provide healthy lifestyles. According to this research, here are the 10 healthiest counties in Indiana:

These are the 10 healthiest counties in Indiana, per recent health data. What did you think of these results? Were there any that surprised you? Do you think a different county is healthier than one of these?

Courtney Johnston
Courtney's originally from the East Coast, but has found a charming new home in Indiana. She loves checking out local music, reading, and trying new food. She's also a little too addicted to coffee and has a Maine Coon cat she answers to.