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These 10 Restaurants In Indiana Have Fries So Good You Can’t Handle It

During this pregnancy, one thing I have done is crave fried potatoes like crazy. I’m sure my husband is very sick of the number of times I’ve sent him to the store for a bag of frozen fries or a specific restaurant for an order of fries. During my research, I noticed there really aren’t any good lists of where to get the best fries in Indiana. It seems like a tragedy that this kind of list does not exist! So, I decided to create one. Here are 10 restaurants in Indiana that have fries so good you can’t handle it!

Obviously, I’m just one person. Just because I think these restaurants in Indiana have fries so good you can’t handle it, doesn’t mean you’re going to feel the same way. Please, feel free to tell me in the comments where you like getting your fried potatoes. And yes, I’m looking for suggestions other than fast food chains.

Trisha Faulkner
Trisha Faulkner is a stay-at-home and work-at-home Hoosier momma. She is a huge advocate of Autism awareness, and loves her beautiful boy more than life itself. She is a native Indiana writer who types her best pieces for Only In Your State between 2-4AM when her toddler finally falls over asleep.