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If You Live In Illinois, You’ll Want To Visit This Amazing Park This Winter

While it might seem as if the Midwest hibernates during these chilly months, winter doesn’t have to be a season of being stuck inside fighting off cabin fever. We have the cure for what ails you! There is something in the beauty of a wintry paradise that should be enjoyed and not given the cold shoulder. Sure, it’s cold (okay, it’s really cold) but you’ll truly miss out on some spectacular winter wilding if you don’t go to Starved Rock at least once this season.

There are some truly beautiful natural sites and parks in our state that it’s hard to visit them all during the winter, but if there is another incredible park that we would be remiss not to check out during the snowy months then we want to know about it.

Originally from the quaint beach town of Fenwick Island, Delaware, Stephanie has called Chicago home for nearly a decade. A passion for cocktail creation, international travel and decadent foodie experiences, enjoy Stephanie's romp through the Land of Lincoln. A circus performer, stuntwoman, professed travel buff and lover of Tom Waits, Stephanie is looking forward to sharing her favorite Chicago haunts with both adventurous locals and curious travelers.