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We Dare You To Take This Road Trip To Illinois’ Most Abandoned Places

With the rich history of the Prairie State it’s not surprising that there are some pretty creepy abandoned spots throughout the state that will pique the interest of ghost hunters and history buffs alike. Prepare for your hair to stand on end as you make this heart-thumping pilgrimage across Illinois to these incredible forsaken locations. The interactive map is here if you would like to change the starting point or alter the stops you make.

It’s amazing how many buildings with such a rich history have been left behind to wither and decay here in Illinois, so naturally it’s impossible to pinpoint them all. Is there one place that wasn’t on the list that is a must-see for anyone willing to make this spine-tingling trek? If so, we want to hear about it in the comments.

Originally from the quaint beach town of Fenwick Island, Delaware, Stephanie has called Chicago home for nearly a decade. A passion for cocktail creation, international travel and decadent foodie experiences, enjoy Stephanie's romp through the Land of Lincoln. A circus performer, stuntwoman, professed travel buff and lover of Tom Waits, Stephanie is looking forward to sharing her favorite Chicago haunts with both adventurous locals and curious travelers.