There’s Something Truly Spectacular About This Beautiful Dam In Idaho

When man-made beauty, history, and nature’s rugged scenery collide, a little bit of Idaho magic happens. This is especially true at Swan Falls Dam, an overlooked historic treasure outside of Kuna that has become a local and photographer favorite, but doesn’t get much attention otherwise. But what you might not realize is that Swan Falls offers multiple fantastic places to explore along the south side of the Snake River. But since this unique dam in the heart of the rural valley isn’t the tallest in the state, isn’t haunted, and doesn’t get same tourism as similar structures found in other states…what exactly makes it so special?

Getting there: 35 miles southwest of Boise. Find your way to Kuna, take Swan Falls Road south, and follow the signs. For more info on the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey Conservation Area, click here.

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