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10 Restaurants You Have To Visit In Idaho Before You Die

If there are two things Idahoans absolutely love, it’s the great outdoors and incredible food, served with just a touch of hometown goodness. But we know how to eat outside the box as well! Truth be told, Idaho is a huge state, but it is absolutely bursting with incredible places to eat, whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or a cozy pub to catch up with friends. From every corner of the state and in every price range, you’ll find classic cuisine made awesome – but this is the best Idaho has to offer. You gave me the challenge of narrowing Idaho’s fantastic eats down to a top 10 – and here they are: your definitive Idaho restaurant “bucket list.”

As new eateries open their doors and lure me in with delicious aromas of edible perfection, I simply can’t wait to explore Idaho’s food culture in every nook and cranny of the Gem State! What restaurant in Idaho is on your personal bucket list?

Super-rad musician, scholar, and Idaho native who has loves basking in Idaho sunsets and indulging in spontaneous nature walks across the state.